Choosing the Perfect Staircase for Your Home

1 May 2024


Replacing or renovating the staircase within your property is a big job! Here at Surrey Staircases, we know that many factors come into play when making such an important decision. We've broken it down into a few easy steps to start you on your journey, helping make a big job feel that little bit simpler.

Where Do You Start?

The best to start is to look at the space you have for your new bespoke staircase. How much space you have available for your stairs will drastically impact the end result. You’ll want to accurately measure the space where the staircase will be installed. Include height, width, and length. You’ll need to consider any architectural constraints that may influence the design, such as ceiling height or the location of doors and windows. Once you have been able to Identify the space, you’ll need to consider the style you’re looking to achieve.

Identify Your Style

This all depends on your home’s overall theme. Do you want your stairs to be a key feature of your home? What design style would complement your home’s interior?  Are you looking for modern, traditional, or rustic? What staircase design would best fit your style and space. We have a more in depth look at style options, click here to check it out. Once you know what style you’re aiming for, you need to consider what materials can achieve your look.

Consider your materials

While most staircases are made from wood, this doesn’t have to be the case.

·        Wood-Offers a warm, classic look and can be customised with various finishes and stains. They’re durable, they’re flexible and easily maintained.

·        Glass- In recent years glass has become popular and creates a sleek, contemporary look and allows for an open, airy feel. Customisation options for glass staircases are endless, including adding LED lighting effects underneath each step. This not only adds a unique touch but also provides an extra layer of safety by increasing visibility in a dimly lit environment

·        Metal- Providing a modern, industrial feel and is highly durable.

·        Combination- You don’t have to stick with one material option either, you could combine materials (e.g., wood and metal) to create a unique, personalised design.

What’s your budget…

Now you know the space you have to use, the style you’re looking for and the materials you’re considering. You need to Identify how much you are willing to spend on your bespoke staircase. Your budget will need to consider costings for installation, materials, and any extra features or finishes you might want. Having this as a basis means less opportunity to overspend.

Now you’ve got a clearer picture of what your dream staircase looks like, our team at Surrey Staircases can assist in making this dream a reality. Click here to arrange a call with our team today!